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CordCutters Podcast Episode 10: Did Apple Win CES?
When was the last time a feature — and not a product — made a splash like this in Vegas? Did Apple really win CES (insofar as anyone "wins" CES) with getting AirPlay 2 on all those TVs? (And iTunes movies and shows on Samsung's stuff?) I dunno. On one hand, yes. It's a big deal. But on the other hand, it shouldn't really surprise anyone. Apple had to do this if it really is going to have its own streaming video service and not just carry all the same stuff that everyone else has. Right? To make sense of it all, we sat down with Rene Ritchie of iMore and Vector for a very special episode of the CordCutters Podcast. What it is and where to get it The CordCutters.com Podcast is a bi-weekly (that is, ever two weeks) venture from Phil Nickinson (ye olde @mdrndad on Twitter, and Modern Dad on YouTube), and whomever else happens to join that week. Music: Robot Park by Poddington Bear Subscribe on Anchor.fm Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe on Breaker Subscrib...
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