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I'm ditching a large Galaxy for a single Pixel, and I'll never look back
As Android Q talk begins, I'm still waiting for a slice of Pie. I've used Samsung smartphones for a vast majority of my career. Many might accuse me of bias in that regard, but I swear that's the furthest thing from the truth. It just so happens that Samsung has consistently provided everything I need and want in smartphones over the years. The reason I even started on that path was due to the early growing pains of Android. I'm proud to say I've been an Android user since day one, having gotten in on the ground floor with the T-Mobile G1 on launch day, but that honor didn't come without a lot of headaches. Phones were slow, buggy, unrefined, and ugly back then. (Some unforgivingly so.) HTC attempted to correct these pain points in its follow-up device known as the HTC Hero. It was a valiant effort, but an attractive smartphone and exciting new software can seem pretty underwhelming when the underlying hardware isn't up to code. Battery life was still bad, Android was still slug...
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