Learn Windows 8.1 with professional tips in 3 days

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Duration: About 1:16 Hours

Publish Date: 01/08/2018

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 Kamisha made me a programmer.
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I fell in love with the Kamisha Tutorials.
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At the age of 14 I became programmer with Kamisha.
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Learn Windows 8.1 with professional tips in 3 days
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| Tutorial Contents of Part 2 :

Getting Started With Windows 8.1, Getting Started With TaskBar and Apps, Getting to Know the Control Panel and Background, Understanding Windows Parts - Part 1 ...


| Tutorial Overview:
You know that one of the best software for making CDs and DVDs is Multimedia MMB or Multimedia Builder MP3. This software is also known for creating autorun or menu for cd.

Most of this program is known as a program for creating autorun menus, which is, of course, and it can easily and with little time spent making these autorun for CDs.
But the important thing here is that this program is not just for autorun and can do much more than that.

Due to the power and simplicity of the UM Software, the Uranus Tak software has been developed in plain language and Shiva, which is unique to the company, and so far, those who have seen this tutorial make beautiful and interesting authors.
This training has been produced in 3 separate sections

The lessons you will learn in the advanced section include:

Finalize the project
Fixed and dynamic paths
Familiar with the Cool Edit software
Familiar with the Html file
Font installation method
Familiarity with the Flash file
Working with Swish Max and its animation and ...

| Table of Contents:

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Chapter 1 . Familiar with this educational suite

 Introductory Speech of the Tutor of This Tutorial4:12
 Save the files and projects used in training1:16
 How to increase the sound of educational videos1:1
 What you will learn in this section and the other two educational sections.2:12

Chapter 2 . Get started with Windows 8.1

 Getting Started with Start Menu and Metro and Desktop in Windows 8.15:32
 Shutdown, Reset, Log Off and ...5:32
 Add High-Definition Icons to Desktop2:41
 Meet My Pc Part One4:43
 Meet My Pc Part II7:19

Chapter 3 . Meet the TaskBar and Apps

 Get familiar with the Taskbar settings2:3
 Familiarize yourself with the important settings in the taskbar Navigation section3:59
 How to work with Apps6:16

Chapter 4 . Introduction to Control Panel and Background

 Setting and changing the background of the desktop6:9
 Meet the Control Panel2:25
 How to install Persian language in Windows 8.14:52
 Fixed keyboard setting adapted to our system3:7

Chapter 5 . Understanding Windows Parts - Part 1

 Problem Solving Problem After shutting down the computer after shutting down4:40
 How to work with images, view and edit them using the new Photos section7:56
 Get acquainted with the new and powerful Windows 8.1 search3:5

Chapter 6 . Meet the instructor of this training kit

 About Mr. Farahani the Tutor of this Tutorial1:11

Chapter 7 . What you will learn at a later level

 Visit kamishasoft.com to see the headings in the next section0:6

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