Learn how to work with Visual Studio 2013, and apply it in 4 days

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Duration: About 1:7 Hours

Publish Date: 01/08/2018

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Mr. Sharyari :

 Kamisha made me a programmer.
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I fell in love with the Kamisha Tutorials.
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At the age of 14 I became programmer with Kamisha.
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Learn how to work with Visual Studio 2013, and apply it in 4 days
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| Tutorial Contents of Part 2 :

Familiar with the Visual Studio work environment settings, the code search method and replacement, the settings for the Visual Studio working environment windows, work windows, and more.


| Tutorial Overview:
If you want to program professionally
If you want to write professional software
If you want your hand open in programming
If you want to keep pace with technology
if you want ....

The solution is to use Visual Studio 2013
Visual Studio 2013 is one of the most powerful and latest versions of Visual Studio that has just been released.
This version has a lot of features that open your hand in programming and make programming more convenient than before.

For this purpose, Uranus Tak Site
Worked with Visual Studio 2013, and professional tips for working environment.

Contents taught in the introductory section:

Install Visual Studio 2013
Work environment settings
Reset it
Visual Studio Theme
Introduction to Grid, Tab
Code Search method and replacement
Working windows

| Table of Contents:

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Chapter 1 . Familiar with this educational suite

 How to increase the sound of educational videos1:1
 Introductory Speech of the Tutor of This Tutorial4:2
 Save the files and projects used in training1:16

Chapter 2 . Learn about Visual Studio work environment settings

 Save the Visual Studio Studio environment settings to the file4:50
 Get the Visual Studio Workspace settings from the file4:31
 Method of resetting the Visual Studio Workspace settings3:22

Chapter 3 . Tips for working with working environment windows

 Manage windows management in the work environment7:1
 Fullscreen Full Screen Visual Studio Full Screen2:34
 Set Zoom or Zoon Encoding Environments3:5

Chapter 4 . Visual Studio workspace window settings

 Maximize working windows2:30
 Split windows horizontally6:32
 Familiar with Gizmo and its application5:22
 Vertical division of the Visual Studio Workspace4:35

Chapter 5 . Search and move method in Visual studio

 Getting familiar with Search or Find is simple6:7
 Advanced acquaintance with Search or Find4:55
 Method of moving text found or Replace8:48

Chapter 6 . Meet the instructor of this training kit

 Meet Mr. Farahani Moderator of Educational Collections1:11

Chapter 7 . What you will learn in the next sections

 Visit kamishasoft.com to see the headings in the next section0:6

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