Get access to the employee project with VB.Net within 14 days

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Duration: About 1:23 Hours

Publish Date: 01/08/2018

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Get access to the employee project with VB.Net within 14 days
VB.Net Tutorial

| Tutorial Contents of Part 7 :

Understanding Base64 and its application, making text converter to Base64, building Base64 converter into text, storing access level in Base64, calling access level from Base64 file, ...


| Tutorial Overview:
VB.Net is a very fluent programming language with a very easy to learn programming language.

If you are a moderator of the program but you have not succeeded, with the Uranus tutorials you can easily and effortlessly learn programming in the shortest possible time.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a level of access to the staffing project. You might ask what the level of access is and how much it costs.
If your application is multi-user and you want each user to access specific parts of the software, with this you can specify for each user which section to access and which section does not have access to.

Contents taught in the final section:

Add a photo to the grid view of the user selection form
Fix image error displaying user
Treeview setting for ticking sub menus by ticking the main menu
Finalize and publish the project

| Table of Contents:

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Chapter 1 . Some tips from this tutorial series

 Where is Tutorial Project Files?1:16
 The way to increase the sound of the movie1:1
 Introductory Speech of the Tutor of This Tutorial8:16
 What you will learn in this section and the next tutorial1:51

Chapter 2 . Understanding Base64 and its Application

 General introduction to Base643:41
 Introducing Base64 Online Converter4:52
 Build Base64 Work Project3:26

Chapter 3 . Construct Text Converter to Base64

 Construct the text conversion function to Base645:15
 Text encoding to Base645:40

Chapter 4 . Build Base64 converter to text

 Base64 encoding to text4:8
 Create Base64 conversion function to text5:45

Chapter 5 . The method of storing access level in Base64

 Find the location of the access level storage in the text file2:25
 The method of converting access level to Base64 and storing it in a text file3:54

Chapter 6 . Method of accessing the access point from Base64 file

 Specifies the location of access point access from the text file6:46
 Converting the text of the level of users access from Base64 to normal text3:57
 Verify the functionality of the access level stored in Base642:11

Chapter 7 . Increased security level access codes

 Protecting the app against manipulation by curious users5:19
 Protecting the program against tampering with the contents of the access level file5:22
 Protect the program against the removal of all contents of the access level file5:37
 Add a second guard when the user deletes the contents of the access file5:18

Chapter 8 . Meet the instructor of this training kit

 About Mr. Farahani Teacher of this Tutorial1:11

Chapter 9 . What you will learn in the next section

 Visit to see the headings in the next section1:13, 2003 -2018