Professional coding training with Uranus Engine at Vb.Net within 7 days

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Duration: About 0:55 Hours

Publish Date: 01/08/2018

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Mr. Sharyari :

 Kamisha made me a programmer.
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I fell in love with the Kamisha Tutorials.
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At the age of 14 I became programmer with Kamisha.
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Professional coding training with Uranus Engine at Vb.Net within 7 days
VB.Net Tutorial

| Tutorial Contents of Part 4 :

Working with pictures, memory management, adding menu contexts, sending text messages to the Internet and adding to programs, codes, and more ...


| Tutorial Overview:
VB.Net is a very fluent programming language with a very easy to learn programming language.
 If you are a moderator of the program but you have not succeeded, with the Uranus tutorials you can easily and effortlessly learn programming in the shortest possible time.
In this tutorial you will learn how to use the mathematical functions in VBI.

The functions you will learn are as follows:

Four acts such as collecting, multiplying, subtracting and dividing
Functions such as sinus, cosine, tangent and cotangent, radian, degree, and ...
Transducer degrees to radians and vice versa, logarithms, power, radicals, absolute magnitudes and ...
Understanding the types and types of math functions using the math class
Understanding the math class and how to use it in the project

And other items you can see on their left side

| Table of Contents:

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Chapter 1 . Some tips from this tutorial series

 Where is Tutorial Project Files?1:16
 The way to increase the sound of the movie1:1
 Introductory Speech of the Tutor of This Tutorial5:46

Chapter 2 . Save and read font ini file

 The method of storing fonts in the ini file7:51
 Font reading method from ini file6:30

Chapter 3 . How to save and read color ini file

 Color saving method in ini file9:28

Chapter 4 . Save and read form settings in the ini file

 How to save and read the size of the form in the ini file6:56
 The method of storing and reading the location of a form in the ini file9:46

Chapter 5 . How to change the path and ini file name

 How to change the path and ini file name9:14

Chapter 6 . Meet the instructor of this training kit

 About Mr. Farahani Teacher of this Tutorial1:11

Chapter 7 . What you will see in the next section

 Visit to see the headings in the next section0:26, 2003 -2018