Learn the advanced access database with Vb.net in 10 days

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Publish Date: 01/08/2018

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Learn the advanced access database with Vb.net in 10 days
VB.Net Tutorial

| Tutorial Contents of Part 6 :

The method of connecting different employee queuing methods, the method of calculating the accumulated overtime and staff balances, the Generation Report form of the staffing function report


| Tutorial Overview:
If you want to program professionally ...
If you suffer from a lack of programming skills. If you think programming is a tough job ...
We should no longer throw these thoughts out because we have created a tool that delivers programming, and you can program it professionally and draw your programming power to others.

The name of this powerful tool is the oranus engine, and is the result of many years of technical troubles of Uranus, which is worth several million USD.

In the middle section, you will get familiar with the powerful INI file technology and how to save and read different information in INI and calendar calendars.

In the advanced section, you will learn the working codes for working with images, managing memory, adding menu contexts and sending text messages to the Internet and adding to the programs.

Excerpt from the contents of this tutorial include:
Introducing application-specific forms
Getting familiar with methods for working with images
Methods for managing program memory
Add SMS sending to apps

And other educational materials you see on the left

| Table of Contents:

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Chapter 1 . Some tips from this tutorial series

 Where is Tutorial Project Files?1:16
 What you will learn in 10 different sections of the training suite ...4:41
 How to increase the sound of educational videos1:1
 Introductory Speech of the Tutor of This Tutorial4:42

Chapter 2 . How to connect different employee queues together

 The method of connecting queries to the employee data table and creating a new query6:21

Chapter 3 . Method of calculation of overtime and staff balances

 Accurate calculation method for adding overtime5:7
 Method of calculating the salary amount of an employee14:44

Chapter 4 . Generate Staff Report Form

 The method of adding the "General Staff Report" form to the original form10:30
 Apply the final changes7:47

Chapter 5 . Meet the instructor of this training kit

 About Mr. Farahani Teacher of this Tutorial1:11

Chapter 6 . What you will learn in the next sections

 Visit kamishasoft.com to see the headings in the next section2:2

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