Learn to work with Zip files and powerful backups in the C# program staff

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Publish Date: 01/08/2018

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Learn to work with Zip files and powerful backups in the C# program staff
C# Tutorial

| Tutorial Contents of Part5 :

Backup Zip in employee project, returning Zip file support in employee project, backup method of other folders in employee ...


| Tutorial Overview:
C# .NET is one of the most famous, best, most used, and most powerful programming languages in the world.
The beauty of the name of the C# and its integration with the unlimited power of programming in the language has undoubtedly made this language the most popular programming language in the world.

 If you are a moderator of the program but you have not succeeded, with the Uranus tutorials you can easily and effortlessly learn programming in the shortest possible time.
Have you ever wondered how to make a zip file and what are its uses?
In this tutorial, we'll introduce you to the Compression Component in C# and will teach you how to use this component.
One of the applications for making zip file backup is software and project information that you will be able to design your software so that it can back up all the zip file information ...

The materials you will learn in the introductory section include:

Familiarize with File Compression Component
File compression method
Add percentage of compression progress
Compression rate
Introduction to Entry

| Table of Contents:

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Chapter 1 . Some tips from this tutorial series

 Where is Tutorial Project Files?1:16
 The way to increase the sound of the movie1:1
 About Mr. Farahani the Tutor of this Tutorial2:1
 Prerequisites for this part of the educational kit1:26

Chapter 2 . Backup Zip in Employee Project

 What you will learn on this level1:9
 Preparing the staff of the project and identifying the location of the changes necessary to back up the Zip4:1
 Add method and load times to the backend5:29
 Encoding backup zip file6:58
 Encoding the percentage of work progress when backed up4:57

Chapter 3 . Returning Zip file support to employee project

 What you will learn in this chapter0:36
 Preparing the form for returning information from the support and writing the appropriate method4:1
 Codex Extract Zip File Support3:52
 Method of extracting backup files instead of current information files3:26

Chapter 4 . Backup method of other folders in employees

 How to get support for users; directory5:33
 The method of verifying the return of user images from the Zip file3:4
 Error handling method for backing up and returning codes6:15

Chapter 5 . about us

 About Mr. Farahani Teacher of this Educational Booklet1:11

Chapter 6 . What you will learn in the next section

 Visit kamishasoft.com to see the headings in the next section0:6

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