Learn to build an Internet SMS messaging application

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Duration: About 2:32 Hours

Publish Date: 01/08/2018

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Learn to build an Internet SMS messaging application
C# Tutorial

| Tutorial Contents of Part 7 :

Add a customer selection form from the group to send, coding the loading of the selected group numbers, coding adding numbers through the method and repetition loop and ...


| Tutorial Overview:

| Table of Contents:

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Chapter 1 . Some tips from this tutorial series

 Where is Tutorial Project Files?1:16
 The way to increase the sound of the movie1:1
 Introductory Speech of the Tutor of This Tutorial2:44
 What you will learn in this educational section1:39

Chapter 2 . Prepare the previous project and add the original form

 Prepare the previous project and open it to complete it2:47
 Adding the original form and coding to display required forms one at a time4:12

Chapter 3 . Add a customer selection form from the group to post

 Add a customer selection form from the group to send a group5:17
 Add Grid Data and its column settings7:30

Chapter 4 . Code displaying group information and supplementary notes

 Add cowboy to display and select subscriber groups to send SMS4:49
 Code Listing of subscriber information according to selected groups5:36
 Display the number of members in each group4:18

Chapter 5 . View group selection form for posting and tips

 Code refuse button and complete it6:7
 Final test of group selection and writing supplementary codes4:30
 Add group selection button to group message form4:40
 Code for confirmation and cancellation buttons in group selection form to send SMS5:57
 Code Display the name of the selected group in the group submission form6:25

Chapter 6 . Add the table of list numbers to the database

 Familiarity with the addition of SMS message numbers in each group2:40
 Add the list table to the Access database6:25

Chapter 7 . Add SMS data to the project

 Add SMS data to the project5:4
 Create a query to display the list of numbers in the group submission form7:14
 Grid Grid settings and their size in group send3:28

Chapter 8 . Code to load selected group numbers

 Codex Loading of group numbers selected by the user to send SMS8:20
 Add Grid Data to display all the selected numbers of a group to send SMS8:36

Chapter 9 . Introduction to Query Insert - Movenext Feature, Position

 Get familiar with Query Insert with a practical example7:28
 Familiar with position and movenext on BindingSource4:30

Chapter 10 . Code Add numbers using the method and repeat loop

 Code Add numbers using a method and a repeat loop5:38
 Complete coding Adding customer information to the posting program6:8

Chapter 11 . Complete coding and final tips

 Load information of sent numbers after saving6:49
 Create new program code automatically8:48
 Fix the data loading error and finalize the project6:25

Chapter 12 . Meet the instructor of this training kit

 About Mr. Farahani Teacher of this Tutorial1:11

Chapter 13 . What you will learn in the next sections

 What you will learn in the next section1:13

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