Paperless Office Software , Data Entry Form Builder and Document Management Software

The first application for designing data entry forms and Paperless Office without any programming skills

It's easy to build your own organization software without the need for a programmer with a few simple clicks to automate your business world
Paperless Office Software

kamisha features at a glance

Data Entry

* Applicable to all businesses
* 100% unique form builder in kamisha software
* Ability to add 99 items to the desired form
* Add unlimited forms to the program and design them
* Use ready-made forms from the templates available in the program
* Ability to add unlimited work folder to the program
* Paperless Office including dashboard, sending letters and referrals
* Define organizational chart , user access level to the program
* Integration of Ms Word inside the program,Add Word template , report
* Smart phone book,data archive for fast data entry
 * Dedicated reporting engine, great graphs, high speed work
 * Capable of recording hundreds of thousands of documents with maximum efficiency and power


A 100% unique data entry form builder in kamisha Software

* Ability to add 99 items to the desired form
* Add unlimited forms to the program and design them
* Use ready-made forms from the templates available in the App
* Adjust the size, font, color, alignment and location of items
   with the mouse
* Get items from other forms with simple multi-key
* Ability to attach any item to the phone book, data archive ,  existing documents
* Set alarm to be duplicate and empty items while saving
* Set the TAB orders of items
 Form Builder

Ability to add unlimited work folder to application

Document Management Software

* Ability to add unlimited number of folders and sub folders
* Define the prefix for the indicator in each folder
* Specify dedicated icons to each folder
* Hide the folders


Paperless Office includes the dashboard, sending letters and referencing it

* Ability to write a draft letter and send it
* Send a letter to multiple recipients
* Set Folders for the letters in the draft, dashboard and sent
* Search and print letters, drafts and letters in dashboard
* Ability to send letters to others and Print a circular letter
* Add attachment to any reply + Attach existing documents
* Powerful editor for typing letter text and responses
* Set alert for letter changes in the dashboard,sent letter
  And ...

 Paperless Office Software

Define organizational chart and personnel, user access level to the program

organizational chart maker
  * Add Organization and Organization Chart
  * Add personnel to each department and it's information
  * Specify image and username and password to each user
  * Specify the user access level to the menus and forms
  * Determine the permission to each user for the folders
  * Identify partner users for each user in automation


Integrate the Ms Word inside the program , Add the Word template, Report

* Possibility to type letters in the Word environment directly within the program
* Designing MS Word letter template and auto insertion of information within it
* Designing MS Word reports that are attached to program information
* Access to all features of the MS Word  within the kamisha software
* Add the attachment as Word to any document
* Connect the Saved information items in the program, directly into the Word
* Auto-detect Word program installed on your system
* Unlimited header design in the in-app Word environment
  And ...

 word template

Smart phone book, data archive for fast data entry

Classification Systems & Call Numbers
* Smart phone book with the ability to design the form and its items
  * Ability to attach program folders like the secretariat to the  phone book
  * Define Phone book Groups in tree mode
  * An data archive with the possibility of grouping it
  * Ability to quickly search the phone book when registering documents
  * Create data archive automatically according to designed form
  * Ability to quickly search the information in the registration of documents
  * Ability to design reports and print phone book information


Our customers

We are proud to have attracted more than 70,000 users all over the world.

Document Management Software  +70,000 Users

About us

The kamisha Software Group started its work in 2003 with the goal of producing professional software and make a new brand on the market. Utilizing the most powerful programming languages, kamisha has released its software with a high level of security and a high graphical GUI for its customers.

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