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2018 Version in 4 Editions

Which Edition do you want?
The kamisha Archive software, Secretariat software, and Automation Software 2018 Version have been Release at 4 different Editions that are suitable for a wide range of customers. By purchasing each Edition of kamisha Secretariat software, Archive and Automation software,you can upgrade it  by Payback the Difference,  without having to re-purchase the archive, secretarial, and automated software package.

1- Free Edition
2- Basic Edition
3- Medium Edition
4- Pro Edition
5- Ultimate Edition

Free Edition Features

* All feature of Ultimate Edition are available.
* Maximum number of records you can save is 40 records
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Basic Edition Features


paperless office software
* Add unlimited working folder
* Search the data based on one item
* Define organization chart and personnel
* Add login user for each personnel
* Can use default Template form for each folder
* Ability to set tab order of items and form overall settings
* Report creator for creating reports for each folder
* Add a Ms Word document as attachment for each data entry row
* Add files as attachment to each row of data in any extension up to 2 GB
* Make backup file and return it via application
* The maximum amount of data can be saved : Up to 4 GB

Medium Edition Features

* All feature of Basic Edition and :
* Ability to set alarms for duplicate and empty data while saving
* Create Ms Word template and migrate with entered data
* Data archive for fast typing while entering data
* Create Ms Word report an attach form items to it
* Scan document and save as attachment
* Search the data based on 4 items
* The maximum amount of data can be saved : Up to 4 GB
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Pro Edition Features


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* All feature of Medium Edition and :
* Form editor for creating a designing custom data entry form
* Add items from other data entry forms
* Import data from Ms Excel and Notepad
* Smart Phone Book and  ability to create group and print Entries
* Search Information through all folders and print the results
* Set Permission for each folder separately for each user
* 2 charts based on saved documents count and between dates
* The maximum amount of data can be saved : Up to 4 GB

Ultimate Edition Features

* All feature of Pro Edition and :
* paperless office software including following items:
* Create draft letter and search and print it's list
* Send letter to one or many receipts and search and print it's list
* Reply the incoming letters and Referral it
* Print circulation of a letters
* Set alarm for incoming and out going letters
* The maximum amount of data can be saved : Up to 4 GB
 Document Management Software

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