Design quickly data entry form in kamisha Paperless Office Software


How design quickly data entry form in kamisha Paperless Office Program


In this lesson I want to show you how to fast and quickly add items to your form.

 paperless office software

First go to incoming folder and Click it.
As you sit there is no items on your form so come to the settings-> form designer, in this window you can design your items your form based on your needs based on your paper document based on your imagination based on everything you'll wish.

If you want to add Items one by one you can come here add items to your form
And if you want to quickly and fast add the items you can come to a templates.
In this window you can see the default Template and based on your form you can choose one of these for example I choose incoming folder -> Right click on it and previewed this template

So I can see the preview of the template and our items on the form.
Select incoming -> select current template and Click okay.
So as you see the items of template are added it my form And I can move it or resize by track bar.
Or change fonts, back color or fore color or alignment.
And many other features I'll talk about those properties later. save changes and Close this window now you can see the fantastic results .

 If you want to add the records to this form just click here and writes your test data
So you can see the entered data shows here.
Now let's go to the next one:
 in outgoing folder->Add document ->form designer->Templates and outgoing icon ->template ->select current template ->okay.

Now this is outgoing items and outgoing form ->save changes and see the fantastic results.
I can see the saved records Here I can access a lot of tools and options s such as print, search Or Send message so here you can see the results and save record.
You can do this Procedure to all of your folders based on default template.
I next lesson I want to show you how to add A form to smart phone book to an organization chart.



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