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Paper Form Design Software,kamisha Business Form Design Software,
kamisha Secretariat Management Software, ...



Quick tour of the kamisha Paperless Office Software More

Get Started

Defining the working folders and its sub folders such as  incoming and outgoing letters …
Design data entry form for incoming and outgoing letters More 
Smart phone book and preparing it More 
Define organizational chart and personnel More 
Design data entry form for organizational chart and personnel More 

 Users and Permissions

Toolbar mode and quick access to menus
 How to add users to the program and their settings More
 Define the user's permission to the menus and the main application forms More
 Define the user's permission to the working folders More 

 Fast Data Recording

Use the phone book and data archive to quickly save the records More

 Adding Attachments to Documents

 How to add all kinds of attachments to documents such as images , file, audio, movie and … More
How to scan documents and add them to attachments More

 MS Word Attachments

 Add Word Templates and connect them to the  data items in form and saved information More
 Design a letterhead with word and connect it to data items in kamisha Software More
 Design and print envelopes for Christmas More
Design and print business envelopes More

 Report Builder

 Design reports in the Word environment and merge with data items More
Report builder  to design and print unlimited number of custom reports More

 Alert & Grid Settings and Tab order

 How to arrange and resize data gridview columns More
 How to set Duplicate Alerts and Empty Items Alert More
How to change Tab Order of items on the form More

 Import & Export Data

 Export data to Excel More
Get forms data and phone book data from Excel file More

 Auto Indicator ID

How to add Indicator Id to your form More

 Sub Forms

 Introduction to the sub forms and it's usage More
Add a referral form for incoming letters via sub forms More

 Documents Archive

Design and build the archive folder and document registration form More


How to install kamisha software at network environment More

 Paperless Office Software

How to prepare and work with kamisha Paperless Office Software More

 Search all & Charts

 Search between documents registered in a folder More
 Search between documents registered through all folders More
Design and print chart of registered documents More

 Backup Data

 Backing up the data saved in the program More
Restoring data from backup file More

 Form Templates

Use form templates for quick designing of forms More

 Form Designer

 Introduction to form designer More
 How to design a data entry form from scratch with a lot of designing tips More
How to connect items to data archive,phone book,link to saved documents add drop down list..

 Speed Test

Test the speed and power of the program with mass number of saved records More

 Optimize Database

Database optimization method



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