Defining working folders in kamisha Paperless Office Software


How to  define working folders in kamisha Paperless Office Software

 In this video i want to show you how to start working with kamisha paperless office software.
The Start point of kamisha Paperless Office is folders management.

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In this video I want to show you how to start working with Kamisha Paperless Office Software .the start point of Kamisha Software   is to define the working folders.
First come here In folders management in this window you can define your working folders based on your job and your needs or even your imagination.
It's quite simple just select your folder.
And right click on can add folder or edit Folder and delete selected folder.
It's quite simple.
For example I want to add new folder so select first add new folder
In this window you can type the "Item ID" its optional .I'll talk about that later.
And item name or folder name. For example. My letters
And choose my icon then save and exit. I can add subfolders to my selected folder.
Again such as Incoming Letters.and outgoing letters. It's quite simple.
It needs a couple of clicks save and exit.
You can see the results and this is my letters folder is divided to the incoming letters and outgoing letters then I can add another folders such as then change my icon, I can move this window to see the icons.
This is good for that or this one is great save and exit
So if I close this window I can see my folders in this window. It's great

And if I want to hide some of this folders or delete them it's quite simple come to folders management.
And select my folder such as this an edit selected item.
Or check the visible and save and exit. As you can see the Color of invisible folder turned to red I close this and.
Here you can see the invisible folder again.

Come to folders management.
And again edit and check the visible check box save and exit. let's add more folder than this for example.
My Documents and select this and save and exit.

If I want to delete that folder it's quite simple just select it and right click and delete it remember never delete the folder that has sub folders.
Save and exit. Are you sure? Yes.
You can't never delete  the folder with sub folders .So in next video are one to show how to add the items in form by using of templates thanks for watching us.



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